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When you are facing criminal charges it is not enough to simply call the first number that pops up on your screen. You need an attorney who will treat you with respect and understanding, while aggressively working to tip the scales of justice in your favor. At the Law Offices of Richard Weese, I believe successful defense requires a carefully calculated strategy, based on thorough research, rigorous planning and skilled legal counsel.

As your defense lawyer, it is my duty to guide you through critical, potentially life-changing, moments and to do so responsibly. With more than two decades of experience, my Bay Area law office is exclusively dedicated to criminal defense, representing clients throughout Santa Clara County in a wide range of cases brought to trial, from drug violations and DUI charges, to the most serious violent crimes and felonies.

Practice Areas

Violence Crime

Violent Crime

Depending on the charges against you, the penalties for violent behavior can be severe. As your attorney, expect me to use the full scope of the law in your defense.

Domestic Issues

Domestic Issues

Domestic crimes present some of the most serious legal situations  a person can face. Without experienced counsel, and a viable defense strategy, your freedom could be at risk.

Felony Offenses

Felony Offenses

Even if a crime does not carry overly harsh penalties, it is important to remember the possible consequences of any criminal conviction on your life.

DUI/DWI and Drug Violations

DUI/DWI and Drug Violations

From possession or trafficking charges to drunk driving  offenses, I understand the nuances of California state law and the processes involved in reducing, or even dismissing, charges.

Preparing To Win Through Carefully Calculated Defense Strategies

Regardless of the charges you face, I understand that your case is unique. However, my approach is always the same. After carefully listening to your version of events and the circumstances leading up to any alleged offense, I will thoroughly research the substance of the charges, before constructing the most complete defense possible on your behalf.

After more than twenty years as an active defense attorney, I consider myself a skilled operator in and out of the courtroom environment and have defended countless clients, reducing the severity of charges, securing reduced sentences and, in many cases, proving innocence.

Making Justice Work For You

Few things are more intrusive than being investigated, or charged, for a crime that could have severe consequences on your life. While my first choice is always to negotiate on your behalf with the authorities, I refuse to allow aggressive prosecutors to bully my clients into unnecessary plea deals. When litigation is unavoidable, you will find me a fearsome advocate before the courts.

Criminal convictions can have a devastating effect, breaking up families, ruining careers and destroying lives. At the Law Offices of Richard Weese, I am here to protect you, regardless of the charge and to ensure your rights are upheld. Tough times require a tough reaction and a strong advocate to stand by your side. As your attorney, you will find I am a calculated strategist, skilled negotiator and fierce litigator.

If you have been charged, or are under investigation, and you need a reliable defense attorney, call me at 510-316-9944 or send me a message here and schedule a free consultation to discuss your options.